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Daily Bible Reading


1 Kgs 15:1-24
2 Chro 13-16


1 Kgs 15:25-16:34
2 Chro 17


1 Kgs 17-19


1 Kgs 20-21


1 Kgs 22
2 Chro 18


2 Chro 19-23


Obad 1
Psa 82-83
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Seattle Open Door Church is committed to reaching out into our local community.

For the Spring and Summer of 2017 we have some upcoming events planned. Not all the details have been worked out, and there certaily will be other events, but here are some events taking place in the next few months.


Gas Buy-Downs

Gas Buy-Down

On May 6 we had a Gas Buy-Down. It is our goal to have another one on June 3. We are working out the detials.

What is a Gas Buy-Down?:

  • What is It?-A time when our church members pump gas at a local gas station and give back to the custmer .25 per gallon.

  • Why Gas Buy-Downs? To give back to our community. To give some hope to those who may be discouraged.

Click Here to learn more.

Free Tickets Champion Movie

Champion Movie

On May 20 Seattle Open Door Church gave out tickets for the premeire showing of Champion. It is a movie that addresses the topics of forgiveness, fatherhood, foster parenting and the power of second chances.

Click here to read testimonials and updates on obtating DVD's of the movie and a private screening at our chuch later in the year.



Proof That God Exists
Addiction Free Forever
What is the Meaning of Life

dennis marcellino sodc seminars

Dennis Marcellino (who tried 20 different approaches to find answers to his addiction problems and to life questions that all of us have) will be sharing how there is scientific proof of the existence of God, that the Bible is credible, and the ultimate approach to a life of peace and deep fulfillment.

You will not want to miss out on these seminars whether you are an atheist, agnostic, spirtitual seeker, or a follower of Jesus Christ. Get the details and RSVP for guaranteed seating and free gifts. (There will be dinner with Dennis before the seminars.)



Alpha Course

The Alpha Course is is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life and to learn about the basics of the Christian faith. At each session a light meal is provided and there is then a presentation on a specific topic and then discussion.
Click Here to learn more.

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Ministry Opportunities

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Seminars:
'What is the Meaning of Life', 'Addiction Free Forever', 'The Proof that God Exists'.
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Alpha Course
Explore the meaning of life and learn about Christianity
Click Here for detials.

Service Times

Sunday School 10:00am
Sunday Worship Service 11:00am

Tuesday Bible Study, 7pm in Seatac

Wednesday Church Service 7pm

First Friday-Prayer Service 7pm

Foreign Language Services-More Info


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