Play the Flute-Free Tickets

Play the Flute

You either Play the Flute or the Flute will Play You

Monday, May 13, 7pm at Regal Parkway Stadium 12 Theater in Tukwila

Watch Play the Flute Trailer

Play the Flute is about a new church youth pastor who takes over an indifferent youth group. Every time the youth group meets the young people are in conflict with the pastor. It is clear in the movie that the youth have no interest in anything that has to do with the Bible or God.

Play the Flute will stir up a variety of emotions from laughter, crying, anger, and joy.  Regardless of  where a person may be in their spiritual life, they will be glad they watched the movie.

Play the Flute will be showing one night only at Regal Parkway Plaza Stadium-12 in Tukwila, WA. Tickets are $12 a person. However, Seattle Open Door Church is providing a limited amount of free tickets to the movie. Free tickets are available to individuals and families that are on limited incomes.

How to obtain free tickets:
a. Send an email to

b. State how many tickets you need.

c. Give the name of each person who needs a free ticket.

d. Show up at the theater On Monday, May 13 between 6:15pm-6:45pm to receive your free tickets. (Bring with you the confirmation email you will receive if approved for free tickets.)
Do not go to ticket window, go to the Play the Flute table to get your tickets.

e. Seattle Open Door Church will be providing limited free transportation to and from the movie. If you need transportation, state that in your email request along with your address and phone number.

Note:This is a one night only showing of the movie. Free tickets are given out on a first come basis. If you do not arrive to the theater by 6:45pm your free tickets may be given away to others. (There is limited seating for this movie.)