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Frequently Asked Questions - Aid to Dulag FAQs

FAQs - Aid to Dulag FAQs
Yes, if you make a financial donation via Credit Card, Check, Money Order, Cashier's Check, Cash directly to Seattle Open Door Church. Also, if you donate goods or services diectly to Seattle Open Door Church.
The first two weeks in February 2014
aThe very large organizations are going to mainly focus on the areas with the most deaths and destruction-thankfully Dulag did not have any deaths that we have heard of. b. The large organizations are going to mainly focus on the highly populated regions-Dulag is no comparison to Tablocan City. c. The large organizations have the people come to them-it is our goal to reach out to the people in outlying areas of Dulag-go to the people, not just have the people come to us. d. The large organizations are not able to minister in a one-on-one basis. Our goal is to not only provide resources but to pray with and encourage the people-to give hope. e. The large organizations have a high overhead to cover wages, infrastructure, etc-we have very little overhead thus can make resources go further. f. The large organizations are in great positions to help out immediately after disaster but the need continues much longer after the disaster has occurred. It is our desire to establish key relationships so we can provide ongoing help.
Pray Make a Financial Donation Pray, pray, pray Make a Financial Donation. Your donation will help cover the cost of purchasing and shipping products (costs around $80 to ship Balikbayan boxes to Dulag), and travel/shipping expenses when in Philippines (Pastor Richard and Carmi purchased their airline tickets with their own finances). Donate goods-canned goods, linens, toiletries, clothing, school supplies, flashlights, batteries, tents, tarps, rope, medical supplies,Tagalog and English Bibles, Bible Tracts. Volunteer at Seattle Open Door church to help with packing Balikbayan boxes. Give us a call at 206-396-1995.
Pastor Richard Dover 206-396-1995.

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