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SODC Vision



SODC Mission
We exist to reach out to the disillusioned, disenchanted, disconnected, disenfranchised and spiritual seekers by introducing them to the accepting and loving Jesus Christ. It is our goal to get them connected within a loving body of Christ followers, helping them grow in Christ through discipleship, and sending them out to reach those that don't know Christ, who are backslidden, or maybe hopeless.

How We Accomplish Our Vision and Mission
We believe as we love God He will lead us to those who need the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Out of our love for these individuals we will connect with them to show them the love of God and then lead them to a saving relatonship with Christ. We will then help them to become strong followers of Christ through discipleship so they can not only be justified through Christ but so they can walk in holiness (sanctification). We will in the process equip them and send them out to win others to Christ.


Win people to Christ
We are committed to reaching out to all people, just as they are, without regard to race, gender, age, lifestyle, past sin, or whatever. The Gospel is for ALL.

We are committed to receiving direction from the Holy Spirit that enables creativity and innovation in the midst of this fast changing society, so we can effectively reach as many as possible with the Gospel. However, we will never water down or lessen the Gospel message.


We are committed to know each other in a more personal manner so that we are more effective at ministering to each other.

We are committed to small group ministry because it is where most individuals will be able to connect with each other and learn how to apply what is taught in the pulpit.

We are committed to reliance on prayer for direction, conception, planning, and execution of the ministries and activities of this church. We desire to be known as a church of prayer. Prayer is a great way to connect with others.


We are committed to equipping Christians through Biblical preaching and teaching.

We are committed to helping people discover their spiritual gifts so they might be used in building up and growing the Body of Christ, the Church.

We are committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence in all ministries. This will be achieved when every person is exercising his or her God-given spiritual gifts to the best of his or her ability.


Send Out
We are committed to missions and will faithfully give to missions a minimum of 10% of all tithes and offerings.

We are committed to reach out into our community whenever possible to bring awareness of the Gospel to our local community.


Join our team at SODC

In order to accomplish the above we need sold out, committed Christians, to join with us to accomplish our vision and mission. Individuals who love Christ with all their heart but for whatever reason they do not 'fit in' where they are currently attending church. Maybe they are not able to walk in their gifts and callings. Does that describe you?

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Ministry Opportunities

Service Times

Sunday School 10:00am
Sunday Worship Service 11:00am

Tuesday Bible Study, 7pm in Seatac

Wednesday Church Service 7pm

First Friday-Prayer Service 7pm

Foreign Language Services-More Info


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