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Why Choose Us?

Why choose Seattle Open Door Church as a church to attend?
A fair and reasonable question. Glad you asked.

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Why Choose Us?

Why would you choose Seattle Open Door Church to attend compared to other churches in Burien or the Puget Sound area of Seattle? That is a fair question and an important question.

We could tell you that it is because we are the best church in the area, but that would just be hype and not accurate. We certainly realize that there are many churches that are better than Seattle Open Door Church.

We could tell you that you should attend Seattle Open Door Church because of all the programs we offer you and your family. But again that would be hype and not accurate. As a smaller church with limited staff we are not able to offer all the programs we would like to offer. BUT as others join us we can make that happen.

We could tell you that we have the greatest members out of any other church. Once more, that would just be hype and not accurate. The truth is some of our members have problems, just like you and me. Seattle Open Door Church is made up of all kinds of people who are learning how to be Christ-like.

So why attend Seattle Open Door Church?

  • Our Name
    The number one reason is in our name. We are a church that has its doors open for ALL people. Regardless of your race, language, culture, socioeconomic level, education, marital status, age, mental health condition, you are welcome to attend our church. Regardless if you have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ or you not even sure if there is a God. We welcome everyone!

  • No Masks
    At Seattle Open Door Church you can come as who you are. It is not our job to change you. Our responsibility is to point you to Jesus and to create an environment where the Holy Spirit is able to work in your life and bring the changes that need to take place in your life.

  • Spiritual Seekers are Welcomed
    We believe that church should not be a place only for Christians. Church should be a place for anyone who is a spiritual seeker on a journey to find or understand God. No one is born a Christian. All of us start out without Christ. So feel free to come as you are. Even if you have plenty of 'baggage', questions, doubts. We will love you for who you are and help you to get where you want to be.

  • We Love God, Love People, Love Life
    We believe if we love God we will love people. If we love God and people we will love life. If we love life, we will love God and people. Full circle. We will do our best to create an environment for you to learn how to Love God, Love People, Love Life.

  • Sound Doctrine
    Seattle Open Door Church believes that Scripture is inspired and infallible. Thus we believe in teaching all the principles found in Scripture. Sorry, if you are looking for a politically correct church, you will not be happy here at Seattle Open Door Church. Rather than be politically correct we rather be biblically correct.

  • Not Ashamed of the Gospel
    We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for is the power of salvation. We believe Jesus is the only way to heaven and we do our best to help individuals to come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Priesthood of Believers
    We believe that every person who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are gifted to share the Gospel and to be used by God to make a difference in this world. We are committed to help Christians to be used in whatever capacity has for them.

  • We Need You
    We are a smaller church that desires to grow and reach out to our community in a greater way. We need gifted individuals to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to join our worship team, to be a part of our teaching staff, to .....

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Service Times

Sunday School 10:00am
Sunday Worship Service 11:00am

Tuesday Bible Study, 7pm in Seatac

Wednesday Church Service 7pm

First Friday-Prayer Service 7pm

Foreign Language Services-More Info


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